Personal Training

All In Fitness & Boxing offers a variety of personal training options, including one-on-one and small group training. Each option features goals tailored to each person/group based on what you/they need. Because what you put into your body is as important as what you get out of it during a workout, our trainers can also come to your house and clean out your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator to enhance a healthier diet and lifestyle

Youth training for kids 16 and under is also available. They will learn proper form and techniques, how to control weights and the proper amount of weight to use while training. They will also receive a customized workout program.

Competitive Boxing

With a number of trainers who have boxed competitively, All In Boxing & Fitness is the place to get ready for your first (or next) fight. You will learn boxing techniques and go through sparring sessions to hone your skills and get ready for the ring.

Nutrition Counseling

Various levels of nutrition counseling are available at All In Boxing & Fitness. Trainers will look at the foods you are eating right now and work with you to create a plan that matches your protein, fat and carbohydrate levels with your weight loss goals. Losing fat and gaining muscle has never been easier.

Referral Program

If you refer a friend who joins All In Fitness & Boxing’s monthly program, you receive $10 off your own monthly fee. As long as they are paying members, you receive that discount.

Classes & Pricing

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  • There is no contract for membership. The average price per small group training class is $12.40.
  • Your first week is free. If you join within that first week, you receive a monthly fee of $149 for unlimited classes.
  • Discounts are available for families, high school/college students and members of the military, teachers and corporate groups.

Corporate Training

All In Boxing & Fitness trainers are available to come to your place of work to explain and demonstrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Team building exercises are conducted with the goal of creating fitter employees and better business results!

Youth Training

*We support Anti-Bullying and provide tools to fight against it

You don’t have to be an athlete to look and train like an athlete. We have many different programs for our youths of all ages.  Inspiring our youth to be the best they can be whether it’s for specific sports or general.  All of our programs are designed to get them in shape and to build their confidence for every day life.

We offer the following in individual or team training:

  • Boxing:
    • Great confidence booster
    • Self Defense Training
    • Train like a boxer
    • Get in awesome shape
  • Sports Specific Training: We can work on foot movement, speed, agility and other sport specific drills to help prepare for their sport or to work on helping them improve their current condition for their sport(s) of choice.
  • All Over Conditioning and Strength
  • Nutrition Counseling & making healthy choices

There is an obesity epidemic with our youth today.  It is our responsibility as their peers to provide the tools and support to stop the epidemic.  The best way to attack this problem is through exercise, nutrition and creating healthy life habits.  At Glitter & Gloves Boxing we work on all areas with our clients from young to old.  Our youth trainers are caring, attentive and “Cool” and makes working out fun.  Your child(ren) will love them!

Please call 480-707-9988 to ask for your child’s FREE 30 min session.